Info about the cups

Some useful informations about our cups:

  • We use a natural low-melting soy wax, completely plant-based, free from pesticides, herbicides and GMOs.
  • Some advices to remove the remaining wax: use hot water in a bowl. We suggest not to throw the water with melted wax into the sink or any drain. Rather let it cool in the used container and dispose of it after solidification. Then wash the cup carefully to remove any residues.
  • Do not use water that is too hot or boiling: there is a risk of injury or damaging the cup itself.
  • Do not reuse the container used to remove the wax for other uses, including food.


Oro Zucchino is not responsible for any damage or problem that may arise regarding the product or any procedure carried out on it: The user takes any action in this regard at his own risk. These lines written above are intended as advice and not as instructions. We are not responsible or liable as such for the use of certain products by users which could result in a physical or chemical alteration of the cup, compromising its safety of use. We are also not responsible for allergic reactions or intolerances to our products. The user finds expressions above the types of materials used and is solely responsible for any intolerances or allergies. By viewing the above, the user automatically accepts the conditions listed.